Accomplishments – D’Vine Destiny Ministry & Crisis Center

On October 1, 2019, Dr. Purposed was honored by Mayor Sylvester Turner with The Proclamation & Community Services which now that date is recognized as D’Vine Destiny
Ministry & Crisis Center Day!

Marsheida’s House Day 10/17/2020

Dr. Purposed Carn

“Since they won’t come to the church , we’ll bring the church to them”
Dr. Purposed Carn “The Voice of Domestic Violence “

Interviewer: Arkeah S. Jacobs

“God created everything. Nothing happens without His permission. You are supposed to be eager and passionate about what you do. Look for divine appointments to speak life into others.” ~ DrPurposed Carn

Dr. Purposed is a woman after God’s heart. As a survivor of abuse, she has become an advocate for Domestic Violence and uses her voice as a catalyst for so many others going through similar situations who need guidance on how to break free.

AJ: How do you create a Fresh Vision?

DP: Ask yourself why you are here. What do you want out of the “Here and Now”.

AJ: With soo much going on around us, how do we properly assess what is working and what is not?

DP: Many people are seeing their creativity now. Take a chance on yourself and see that you are self-sufficient, that you can achieve your goals, and thrive in that energy.

AJ: For some, that is easier said than done. How does one move beyond fear?

DP: You have to understand what matters, what brings you joy. You should put your energy into what brings you peace and promotes life. You can only do that by changing your perspective.

AJ: Ok, so once one has a new perspective, how do they go about determining what their new or next steps should be?

DP: I tell people all the time to pray and ask for clarity. Center yourself by being still and listening to your inner self. For those who need extra support, talking to a Life Coach, if necessary, will help as well.

AJ: Life Coaches are popping up everywhere and we now see for good reason. Why is it important to reevaluate at various stages of your life?

DP: Everyone has a different purpose to live and perspective to get things back on track. Everyone has an opinion and I say let people be opinionated. That is valuable feedback to help stir you in the right direction. You have to take what is worth having and leave the rest behind. Here are six important steps to knowing you are walking in ‘Your Purpose’:

1. Go to God in prayer and ask for direction

2. Release your vision to God

3. Follow God’s will

4. Remember God’s promises when you are discouraged.

5. When you feel your steps are ordered, you are on the right track.

6. When you feel the joy of the Lord you are walking in purpose.

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